The Agency Profit Podcast

The Most Important Metrics for Agency Profitability with Jody Grunden

Episode Summary

Ever wonder what the most important metrics for your agency's profitability are? Jody Grunden from Summit CPA shares his insights from working with over 75 agencies as a virtual CFO.

Episode Notes

Jody Grunden is CEO & C0-Founder of Summit CPA Group - an accounting firm that works exclusively with Agencies. He's also an industry speaker, and a published author. He started Summit CPA Group in 2002, bringing more than 23 years of public and corporate accounting leadership, tax expertise, and executive management experience to his role with the company.

With the mission of changing the way that people think about accounting, Summit CPA Group specializes in helping digital agencies manage and scale their financial health through solid forecasting based on both financial and non-financial metrics through its Virtual CFO Services.

His latest book, Digital Dollars and Cents: A Virtual CFO's Playbook to help Digital Companies Create a Financial Roadmap to Success can be read on Kindle.