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How to Double Your Profits and Half your Workload through Agency Productization with Lee Goff

Episode Summary

Lee Goff from joins us to talk about productization can transform how you run your agency.

Episode Notes

Tune in to learn from Lee Goff on how you can start doubling your profits, cutting down your workload and setting your agency up for scale through productization.

In this episode, we discuss what productization really means, how to do it, and what mistakes to avoid.

About Lee Goff:

Since founding GetUWired in 2003 in Lee’s upstairs bedroom, GetUWired has helped thousands of business owners around the world break through the glass ceiling and live the lives they deserve — making more money with less work and having more time for all the things they love. Lee is living proof that his formula works.

In May 2016 he sold out his remaining shares to his longtime partners to pursue his lifelong passion of mentoring small businesses. His motto is “Success using vision, leadership and shared knowledge”. He shares everything he learned while building GetUWired. His new venture is and is in business to help small businesses grow faster and more profitable than they could have ever imagined.

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