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Case Study: 3 Years of Working With Parakeeto Part 2, With Josh Lowman

Episode Summary

As promised, here is Part 2 of our case study featuring Josh Lowman of Gold Front. Josh and I have joined forces to examine the last three years working in tandem, which have been quite the ride – hence the two installments! In part one, we talked about how Josh figured out that he needed help in his agency with profitability, how he came to that conclusion, how he found us, and the origin story of us working together. In this second part, we’re going to unpack some of the things we’ve encountered, the major milestones, the progress we’ve achieved, and some of the mindset shifts that have occurred along the way. Points of Interest… • The Current State of Gold Front 1:21 • Metrics that Provided Effectiveness 5:56 • Accurately Calculating Effectiveness 10:07 • Josh Turns the Tables on Me… 14:13 • Challenges in the Partnership 16:35

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About Josh Lowman | Gold Front

As you may recall from our previous episode with Josh, he is an incredible creative director and entrepreneur. As Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Gold Front, he’s a long-term client of Parakeeto,

A category design studio, GF is based in SanFran but also has other locations strewn across America. Their primary goal? To help growth-stage startups define and own their own category.

How did Josh get into this space? Well, Gold Front started as a Brand Studio before branching out into Category Strategy, with Josh then realizing the need to combine Brand Execution with Category Creation Strategy. This has led to collaborations with Uber, Robinhood, Newsela, plus oodles more to build category-defining brands.

When Josh isn’t changing the branding landscape, he’s enjoying downtime with his wife, daughters, and his dog!