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Critical Agency Metrics for Scale and Profit, with Drew McLellan – Episode 50.

Episode Summary

I seem to be in a perpetual state of heightened enthusiasm for my guests of late – and understandably so! This week, I’m exceptionally excited to bring you someone whose podcasts I’ve been listening to for the longest time. Now he’s here to discuss how best to make a profit AND scale your firm – so we’re experiencing some Inception levels of meta right now. Points of Interest… * Common challenges Drew has seen Agencies encounter 5:17 * Why AGI is so Fundamental for Profit 7:10 * Tracking Metrics for Profit 10:57 * Price Hikes Don’t Convert to Profit 17:42 The Importance of Tools to Drive Profit 22:14

Episode Notes

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About Drew:

Drew McLellan has spent over 30 years in the realms of marketing and advertising, over 25 years running his own firm, and almost 10 years being head honcho at the Agency Management Institute, helping hundreds of firms run a better business.

The host of one of the top podcasts in our space, Build a Better Agency, Drew has been featured among the 10 Bloggers Every Business Owner Should Read, as chronicled by the Wall Street Journal.

When he’s not helping his clients, you can find him combing over baseball stats in De Moines, Iowa.