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Hiring, Salaries and Geo-Arbitrage in a Remote World, With Noel Andrews

Episode Summary

This week, we’re super excited to be joined by Noel Andrews of JobRack. He’s going to help us break down how to think about hiring and talent in a global remote work world, where everything has changed. ***Please note this podcast recording took place before the invasion of Ukraine and we recognize that business is not as usual in this country and its neighbors*** Points of Interest… • What is JobRack? 1:41 • How COVID Changed Remote Working 4:26 • Insights Re Large Companies Compensating Remote Talent 7:00 • Putting Together the Optimum Compensation Plan 12:07 • Process to Decide Appropriate Pay Range 16:47

Episode Notes

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About Noel Andrews:

After 15 years of recruiting and leading teams within large corporate technology functions, Noel bought JobRack to help bring the wonders of Eastern European remote workers to business owners all over the world!

JobRack has been helping business owners get access to Eastern European remote workers since 2015 and over 500 businesses have hired successfully, many of them returning again and again, as they build their teams with great hires.

His expertise includes outsourcing, outsourcing to Eastern Europe, online business development, online business growth, hiring mastery, finding A-players for remote companies, finding job seekers, finding quality workers, online education, growing business, connecting people, management, brand culture, and team building.