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How to Perfect the Client Onboarding Experience, with Taylor McMaster

Episode Summary

This week, our guest is the founder of DOT & Company, Taylor McMaster. With full-service client account management services, Taylor and her team help digital marketing agencies keep their clients happy – and, by extension, keep agency owners focused on what they do best! Points of Interest… • How DOT Specializes in Account Management 1:31 • The Role of an Account Manager 3:03 • Keys to Account Management 8:00 • Managing Client Expectation 11:35 • How to Better Your Account Management 13:06

Episode Notes

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About Taylor McMaster:

Taylor leads a team of Client Account Managers at DOT & Company, training the CAMs to work with different agencies. To date, they have helped dozens of digital marketing agencies free up their time to prioritize the money-makers in their businesses, all while the DOT team ensures their client experience runs super smooth.

Taylor spends her spare time renovating houses around Nova Scotia, Canada.