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The 4 Steps to Becoming a Key Person of Influence, With Mike Reid

Episode Summary

This week, I’m excited to introduce another person who has exceptional taste in eyewear! Mike Reid outlines how to position yourself as a go-to person in your industry, or a Key Person of Influence in an increasingly uncertain world. Points of Interest… The Story Behind Key Person of Influence 2:02 How Dent Can Raise Your Industry Influence 3:44 Key Person of Influence Concept 5:42 4 Steps to Becoming a Key Person of Influence 9:13 5th and Final Step to becoming a Key Person of Influence 23:55

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About Mike Reid:

In addition to co-authoring Key Person of Influence, Mike co-founded Dent Global. Dent is a business accelerator company known for helping founders of service firms to establish themselves as industry experts. By the age of 26, Mike was running highly successful large-scale promotional campaigns – contributing to Dent‘s placement at 63rd on BRW’s ‘Fast Starters’ List, 2014.

Operating in 4 cities, Dent has a team of 40+ and acquired businesses in web development, video production, and publishing. This formed a full-service strategy and implementation group for established entrepreneurs. Mike is now helping lead the next wave of Dent’s expansion into Canada.

Mike is originally from Australia, but now lives in Toronto because he fell for a Canadian – and Canada’s frosty peaks.