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The 4 W's for Transitioning from a Freelancer to an Agency, With Tim Kilroy

Episode Summary

Are you a freelancer itching to take things to the next level? Well, maybe it’s time to consider Tim Kilroy‘s 4 W’s for transitioning from freelancing to being an agency owner. Tim helps digital agencies (and their owners) generate more revenue, more profit (and, by extension, more happiness) without working a million hours – or having to be overtly “sales-y” in the process. Points of Interest… • The Importance of The 4’Ws 2:36 • Main Sticking Point Agencies Encounter when Transitioning 14:22 • Agency Growth Via Creating Teams and Systems 18:35 • Pinpointing the Next Stage of Agency Growth 19:59

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About Tim Kilroy
Tim Kilroy and his team create individualized frameworks, so that agency owners and management teams to make better decisions – and drive dramatic growth.

To date, he has worked with over 100 agencies, helping them solve problems ranging from “How do I get my first client?” to “How do we maximize our exit value?” This results in amazing things such as growing by eight times in a year, or by three times in 90 days. Like we said – dramatic growth!